• Real Estate Leader

    Across the world, the network of RE/MAX is in more than 115 countries and supported by more than 125,000 trusted marketing associates. With the power of this network, RE/MAX has become the leader in real estate industry, providing world class service and achieving maximum results. Together with RE/MAX, you have the opportunity to expand your business, not only nationally, but also internationally.

  • Global Family

    RE/MAX builds a tight family culture which synergize and bring the best of each other so parties can achieve maximum results. Each year, RE/MAX held an Asia Pacific convention amongst the region and a global convention in the United States of America so each member can build its network, learn from each other, and compete to be the best

  • Entrepreneurial Concept

    The RE/MAX business is built on a entrepreneurial concept. This lucrative business can be built as big as an empire and can be passed down to generations. Even though it is an entrepreneurial concept, with RE/MAX, you are never alone. RE/MAX provides support, training and continuance guidance to assist you in achieving your goal.

  • Technology Excellence

    RE/MAX technologies create business opportunities between agents and clients. The Genius System is designed to be user friendly and will increase the effectiveness and efficiency of your business. 

  • Structured Education and Trainings

    RE/MAX offers a wide range of training programs designed specifically for business owners and marketing associates. LEAD and Momentum training for business owners and Start Up, Fire Up and Bootcamp for marketing associates are proven to increase productivities when carried out and applied correctly. In addition, members of RE/MAX has access to RE/MAX University which provide a wide range of visual training materials on real estate related topics. Through structured and ongoing training, skilful marketing associates or business owners together, can achieve success in the real estate business
  • With RE/MAX, Achieve Maximum Results

    RE/MAX is the best partner to achieving success in your property business. We concentrate on the process from start to close of transaction. RE/MAX is committed to providing full support in a professional manner to you as a business partner. Your success is our success.


⦁ Start Up Training

RE/MAX provides the best training program that is offered in the industry. Basic training that are approved with the Professional Property Training Certification (LSP) will help you start your business. 

⦁ Ongoing Training

The advantage that you will gain by owning a RE/MAX office is not limited to classroom trainings but unlimited access to training 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. RE/MAX University, accessible only to RE/MAX members offer more than 1.000 hours of training modules, equipping you for the real property world. These training materials will give you an advantage to increase efficiency within your business

⦁ Momentum

A specialized training program created for business owners to understand the agency business on a deeper level. Momentum 1.0 and Momentum 2.0 allow business owners to plan, recruit, and retain so you can grow your business, achieving your goals by helping your client, staff and marketing associate achieve theirs.

⦁ Bootcamp

A specialized training for agents consisting of 12 modules is proven to increase productivity. Each modules consists of in depth discussion on challenges faced by marketing associates so as to achieve excellent customer service and skills to achieve maximum results.  


Why do you walk slowly, when you can run faster together?

RE/MAX is always ready to support you in your real estate business so you can achieve your goal faster.

When you join the RE/MAX family, you are part of a 125,000 strong family that has gained the trust of clients world wide.

RE/MAX supports business that fits the needs of your organization, from the time of planning, marketing, to office operations, strive to maximize the overall performance of your organization. At RE/MAX, good performance gives inspiration and positive energy to the overall performance of the organization.

RE/MAX understand that if you have talent, focus, ability, guided by the RE/MAX ststem, you will excel and be successful in this business.

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